Hello everyone, my name is Urijah Faber also known as “The California Kid.” I have been an MMA world Champion, a lifetime athlete and a health food enthusiast. I feel fortunate to have had a family that taught me “Good Health is True Wealth.” Traveling the world has been an amazing part of my unique journey, and experiencing Açaí was a highlight. With all my friendships in Brazil, I set out to find the best Açaí in the world and bring it to my family, with my baby Cali as my inspiration. What I discovered is, like everything, there are levels to each industry, and someone is always “The Best!” Cali-Açaí is unique in many ways, but the most impressive aspect of this brand is its native roots and the culture that is behind it. Please enjoy this amazing brand, and know that a portion of the profits will be going to at risk youth and their journey into Sport and Mixed Martial Arts.